Badass Vic is my name and inspiring digital professionals is my game. I’ve traveled the world, settled in Lisbon, Portugal, found my purpose and started to pursue my badass dreams. After my experience as a community manager in a startup I fell in love with digital community and had a calling to give back to it locally and online. In 2019 I’ve founded Collab Event Agency “The Atlantic Stories” and started to organize inspiring events for digital professionals in partnership with the industry’s greatest minds. Besides, I co-founded Badass Summit, an online conference for digital professionals. 28 marketing, business and lifestyle experts share their stories and reveal handy tactics and strategies at during their interviews with me. The whole badass journey starts from here! My business partner and I created Badass Empire with more badass services: As an experienced journalist and passionate interviewer I’m regularly invited to host events, participate in panels and discussions. In addition to that I run my monthly live talk show RICH in Lisbon and weekly live talk show #fuckthis on Instagram @vicloskutova. Besides I host Badass Show on LiveMe. My interviews are aimed to inspire people and show how to become better in business, marketing and life. Send me a line if you’d like to collaborate or sponsor my events!